Mobile phones are the lifeline of everyone. Recently my friend popped over to watch movies, eat pizza and play games and when he left he managed to do something horrific. By accident he had not only taken his phone, but mine in the process.

Now this is fine, but I couldn’t get my phone back for at least 24 hours. It really puts things into perspective and makes you wonder how you got along without a phone.

So in celebration of mobile phones everywhere the nice people at Sony have created something fantastic and unique using the new Sony Xperia T.

They have launched a competition called Face-off that lets users not only play with the new Xperia T, but let them drive the phones around in little remote controlled racing cars!

…win a fantastic prize…

The users can win prizes by driving the mini cars around a track online. You can drive them by signing up to the event page on Facebook. The more you play the more likely it is you will win a fantastic prize.

Prizes include a NASCAR driving experience day, Sony Playstation 3’s, Xperia T smartphones and even a trip to Vegas!

Check out the video here to get a taste of the game:


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