One of the worst shocks of going to university is the realisation that you have to cook for yourself.

Independence is a wonderful thing, but for the majority of students when it comes down to dining, cooking can be a disaster. While at university, one of my flatmates (who was notorious for not eating very well) decided to try and cook himself a pizza from scratch. This was mind boggling, but we just laughed at him and figured he wouldn’t do it. However, he did make what resembled a pizza and went on to show it off to everyone. Unfortunately, being a fan of partying he decided to put the pizza in the oven and then have a power nap. This meant that the fire services were called and the flat almost went up in flames, true story.

My point is not everyone is good at cooking, and there are plenty of alternatives to staying in and cooking. One of the best ways to get yummy food to your tummy ASAP is the newest JUST EAT App.

…get more for your money…

JustEatAppJUST EAT is amazing because it bunches together all of the best restaurants within your post code. You can choose what type of food you want (Chinese takeaway restaurants are popular with students, for instance), by customer rating or pick from everything within reach of you. They even show you discounts so you can get great deals and get more for your money. The cuisine that is available is pretty damn good and caters for almost every taste. American (Burgers and Ribs), Indian, Chinese, Thai, Lebanese, Kebabs, Turkish, Italian, or just simply drinks are available. So there is no excuse to not order something.

At the moment JUST EAT are running a recurring event called Tweet of the Week. The best message they receive will win £25 worth of JUST EAT vouchers and gets displayed on their newsletter. Definitely worth a look for some free food money.

…you pay securely with a card or pay cash on delivery…

The App can be downloaded for iPhone or Android, and you pay securely with a card or pay cash on delivery.

Overall the App was incredibly easy to use and has a bright interface. The only downside that we can see is that JUST EAT only works in the Capital or large towns/Cities. So when you pop home to the middle of nowhere you may struggle to find anywhere that offers the service. This will most likely be rectified in the future.

So if you don’t fancy a supermarket microwave meal then definitely download JUST EAT and give it a go.

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