Over the last decade or so, it seemed that watches were making a slow retreat. Due to the fact that everyone owned a mobile phone or – in recent years – a smartphone, there really was no need to have a wristwatch. After all, in people’s opinion it was just a device that serves one purpose: to tell its wearer what time it is. Since nowadays nearly every device has a clock built in, watches were in a way rendered unnecessary. However, recently wristwatches have made a comeback.

It seems that people have realized that a wristwatch is more than just a time-telling device. It is furthermore one of the few accessory pieces that men can wear, and it combines fashion with a practical purpose. There may be other possibilities to learn what time it is but none of them is as comfortable as just having a look at one’s wrist. It is just a matter of seconds whereas if you want to read the time with a phone you have to take it out first and then put it back. Although this is not hard work, it’s not nearly as comfortable as just glancing at one’s wristwatch.

Watches for everyone

There are thousands of different watches available. They all differ in terms of manufacturer, design, price, materials and special features. Special features can be functions like a stopwatch, an integrated flashlight or a waterproof case. Whatever people are looking for in a watch, there is surely the right model available.

Every manufacturer offers several product lines which differ in terms of features and therefore in terms of price. For example, the range of U-Boat watches available includes several dozen models. They all have their distinctive look which makes them recognizable as being part of the U-Boat collection, but they are different enough to be individual pieces.

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