When it comes to social media the Blackberry smart phone, first developed in 2003, was the first of its kind to recognise the potential of a multifunctional device and to introduce the concept of instant messenger between Blackberry users, giving birth to a novel and innovative form of communicating.

The Blackberry is the embodiment of a computer in its style and functionality with its small scale QWERTY keyboard paying homage to the original computers and highlighting its differentiation to that of the original mobile phones to consumers.

From the offset, Blackberry’s prominent focus was to enable the user access to email and receive email updates but an additional element of the Blackberry was their innovative approach to social media.

…reminiscent to that of a chat room in its presentation…

Their introduction of free communication between Blackberry users via the unique instant messenger service, BBM, is reminiscent to that of a chat room in its presentation but was also an effective way of increasing sales; encouraging groups of friends or colleagues to all buy a Blackberry to keep in touch for free.

In keeping with the latest phenomenon of social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and MySpace, Blackberry has remained relevant by creating apps available to download.

…poor customer service response…

Since the launch of the Blackberry, competition has become rife, particularly from Apple’s iPhone and there was a time when the Blackberry seemed to be failing where other handsets succeeded. In particular 2011 saw major technical failings and a poor customer service response not only proving detrimental the performance of the Blackberry but also causing consumers to lose faith in a once trusted brand name.

However, the latest models of the handset have put the original smart phone back in the running as you can find some cheap mobile phones on the web which are in direct competition with Blackberry and when it comes to social media it fall short of expectation with drastic much needed improvements made in terms of usability, content and technical tinkering.   

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