What do you do the moment you find your floors, curtains and carpets dusty and dirty? You automatically reach for your vacuum cleaner and start cleaning up the mess, right? Did you know that it was more than hundred years ago that William H. Hoover was the person to give us the first ever vacuum cleaner that was an improvised version of a combination of a broomstick, a silk pillow case, a fan and a soap box? This small innovation gave rise to the plethora of domestic and commercial Hoover cleaning products– Hoover has been a market leader in the floor cleaning appliances niche.

With the passage of time, the first ever vacuum cleaner created in 1908 has been commendably complemented by creating various appliances and other equally competent new products by the company and will continue to be so for decades to come, meeting the expectations of the present loyal customers as also the future ones.

Over the years, Hoover has become synonymous with vacuum cleaning products as well as other floor care appliances, steams cleaners and irons. Some of their recent, popular products are discussed below to help you get a quick view of what you might be interested in.


Hoover1PurePower Upright Vacuum Cleaner

This latest vacuum cleaner has powerful suction with a pets turbo tool and has been created to carry out really tough cleaning jobs and eliminate pet hair, which is known to be difficult to remove. The high fidelity 7-stage sealed suction filtration system in the device is sure to make your home as dust-free and allergen-free as possible. The extra-large dust collecting bag should save you time as the need to change the bag in the middle of a vacuuming job often does not arise. The long chord and extra-long hose allows the user to cover a large area without having to drag the cleaner along to get it close to every area being cleaned.


Sparkle Handheld Window Cleaner

Unlike floor cleaning or carpet cleaning, window cleaning has not been easy at all. This new window cleaning product helps you in cleaning all reflective surfaces such as mirrors, glass, shower cubicles and tiles as well as windows. Being light and user-friendly with a number cleaning accessories, you can access even hard to reach areas with ease. Your cleaning job feels quick and simple with this device.



Vacuum2Turbo Power Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

Vested with advanced multi-cyclonic technology, this recently introduced turbo power vacuum cleaner offers high-powered cleaning results in a short time. The anti-allergy HEPA filters enable the user to minimise harmful allergens and render the air inside the home clean and dust-free.


In addition to these, Hoover offers many other home appliances with advanced, easy-to-use features at affordable prices. Some leisurely minutes spent on the Hoover’s website should give you a thorough insight into all the Hoover products that stand for quality, efficiency and durability.

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