There are two occurrences in the world which mankind is afraid of and cannot control: the first is a natural catastrophe such as an earthquake, a hurricane or a tsunami, and the second is the uncontrolled outbreak of a lethal disease. People have found ways to handle these events over time but the organization of help afterwards remains challenging at every point. Through the development of a good infrastructure, professionals can react very fast in case of an emergency.

How to handle a pandemic

The Plague, or Black Death, is probably the most widely known pandemic in history, which has killed millions and millions of people across Europe during the Middle Ages. After that, there were other pandemics as well, but with the growing knowledge about sciences, people began to understand how the body works and could therefore develop medications against diseases. By now, the medical progress is so advanced that it is even possible to deal with diseases on the molecular level. On this level, medications and treatments for the most threatening diseases can be developed effectively. Many institutes and medical laboratories use equipment such as the Bioss antibodies for medical research in order to conduct their testing periods which are necessary to get the permissions to produce the medication for the patients.

An example of success

The best example to show the success of medical progress is the flu vaccination which changes from year to year. The flu virus, which changes its protein structure from season to season, is a very aggressive virus leading to high fever, a cold and to metabolic problems. Doctors advise especially old people and people with a weak immune defense to get the vaccination because the virus can be lethal in the worst case. Due to these vaccinations, people can be immunized against the disease and therefore have a better and longer life.

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