In the world of tablets, Apple’s iPad has long been the dominant player in the market.

Apple’s primary adversary, Android, also has some contenders of their own. Of these rival tablets, the Transformer Pad seems to be the best performing. One of these primary uses for these devices would be gaming at online casinos. The iPad and Transformer Pad have difference specifications that provide different gaming experiences.  

In comparison to other Android tablets, the Transformer Pad outperforms with the next closest tablet running a very distant second place. The Transformer pad is a powerful tablet which makes it ideal for mobile gaming. The device runs on Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich. While this is not the most current version of Android, updates to this firmware are possible. Regardless, of which version of Android it runs, many of the online casinos sites such as Lucky Nugget (all of their games are available to play at have catered their product to Android which provides a diverse selection of sites for use. Apple’s iPad runs on the Apple operating system which is the other platform that online casinos provide compatibility for. So in this respect, both pads can accommodate a variety of mobile gaming sites unlike devices using other operating systems.

…we all have our own preferences…

One thing that sets the Transformer pad apart from the iPad is the option to obtain an add-on keyboard. When purchasing the iPad, users have to be happy with touchscreen keyboards and controls. On the other hand, when purchasing a Transformer Pad, buyers can pay extra to have an external keyboard which attaches to the device. This keyboard is popular with some gamers as the keyboard controls are easy to operate. Although with the keyboard dock, the Transformer pad is heavier which some gamers do not like. They prefer the lightweight iPad.

Overall, the decision as to which tablet is best for gaming probably rests with the individual user as we all have our own preferences.

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  1. Barnabas Netherwood

    Having owned both I can state that the Transformer Pad wins hands down for gaming. The graphics and performance are incredible, the screen is in a league of its own and the tablet a whole is a joy to use. It does however suffer from one serious flaw: the power button sits uneasily in the plastic casing and it only takes one hard knock to send the unit into a spiralling state of random reboots and unasked for shutdowns. If you plan on treating it with a little more care and respect than I am capable of then there is no reason why you shouldn’t get many years of faithful service out of it. It really is a joy to use in every other respect, and the ease with which one can transfer files films and off the unit is incredible. It is particularly well suited for watching films (I very highly recommend the Android port of XBMC for viewing and listening to media content, by the way.)

    Having traded it in for an iPad mini I can safely state that Shadowgun, Plants v Zombies and Galaxy on Fire 2 all look and play better on the Transformer Pad while the likes of Bad Piggies, Broken Sword and World Series of Poker are more or less equivalent on either. Bluetooth gamepads are fairly easy to set up and configure on both (as are Bluetooth keyboards on the iPad) but Android wins again for allowing you to install free open source ports of Mame, SCUMMVM and DOSBox and then load up your SD card with as many ROMs or game files as you like without restriction. Apple on the other hand do no such thing and the only way to get even remotely close to this sort of functionality is to Jailbreak your device, and even then sharing files between applications and/or other devices is an absolute nightmare.

    Where iOS wins hands down is in creativity. If you have any interest at all in drawing, painting, photography and especially music then an iPad really is your only choice. While there are some excellent music apps for Android (EerieSynth and Su-preme MPC spring immediately to mind) the latency of the system as a whole makes the majority of music apps unworkable on Android.

    Ultimately there are clear advantages for both devices but aside from the appallingly dinky new Lightning connector (any pressure at all and that thing is going to snap right off) plus reports that the super-thin glass screen is particularly prone to being smashed I am more than happy to stick with the iPad for the time being. I just wish I didn’t have to buy all my favourite apps all over again!



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