I am old school in style when it comes to watching films. For me, sitting down, immersing myself in a film while drinking a cool beverage and closing out the rest of the world is the best way to watch a movie. With Netflix the experience has changed completely. Sure you can do the same with Netflix, but the main difference is that once you’ve paid the fee (£5.99 for UK customers) it’s a flat rate so you can watch as much or as little as you like. Therein lies my problem as, being an avid film watcher, I try to sift through the romantic rehashes and crap of modern cinema, but with Netflix I can watch the beginning, see I am not interested in the storyline and quit the film. Oh how the rules have changed.

So for those none the wiser Netflix is a paid for subscription movie and TV streaming service that has thousands of titles for your viewing pleasure. You can connect it up to computers, consoles, Internet TVs, tablets, blu-ray players and even smartphones.

…this is a an evil trap…

The quality of the content is HD with only slight lapses in SD when you fast forward or playback, but really this is only for a slight second so it’s no biggy. Generally I have used it on my TV (which led to some amazing viewing), but I have tried it online and found my PC to work just as well (although this is a an evil trap as trying to do design work and having a library of countless new films at your disposal leads to procrastination). For optimum results I tried it out on my friend’s iPad and found it to sync perfectly. I would even go as far to say that the two were built for each other, but please do try it out for yourself.

LoveFilm is Netflix’s main rival and because of this the only downside I have discovered is this rivalry has split the library of films/TV shows down the middle. Some films take a long time to be added to the library while others never do because of contract restrictions. However as far as things go the service is still very remarkable and a good price for entertainment purposes.

Oh and did I mention that you can get a 1 month trial for free? So even if you don’t get on with it you can always watch a good month’s worth of free films. That’s got to be worth something right?

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