Don’t hate the player. Don’t hate the game. Hate yourself for being susceptible.

Futurama may have had a point in its ‘I dated a robot’ episode, where physically convincing, human bodied robots with downloadable personalities promised to seed humanity’s self-destruction. Without an incentive to attract the opposite or adjacent sex, man would retire all efforts on himself and others, putting in only enough to make his and his robot’s ends meet. It is not the meek who shall inherit the earth but rather, their equally docile, solar-powered widows.

Perhaps the Mayan calendar predicted this sexually subservient technology a little early, that, or placed too much faith in flesh lights. Men may not all live solely for the affection of others, but you would be surprised at how comfortably a few can live off of the sorry souls that do. Such devils whose income depends on this social insecurity are the developers of Day Game.

…the centre point for pimp tips…

Day Game is essentially the practical element to the theory laid out in Tony Clink’s book ‘The Layguide’ and to a lesser extent Neil Strauss’ ‘The Game’. Rather than teaching gambits and gimmicks for meeting women in bars and clubs the idea is that you play on their fantasy of ‘being approached by a stranger in the day time, who had to stop them because of how beautiful they looked’. The Day Game website – the centre point for pimp tips– sells Oxford Street as an uncharted territory in which the nocturnally popular, more primal of assets are liquidated by sunlight. Out with the neg, in with the nice. Debonair audacity is the favoured phenotype in town!

The obvious, intermittent question to ask here is: “but Stephen, how did you find out about this? Is your slight feministic stance a ruse for your ultimate aim of inadvertently acquiring some fanny?” Good question reader. Can I call you reader? That’s a sexy name, “reader”.

…she failed to see the ingenuity in rhyming ‘forlorn’ with ‘chloroform’…

DayGame1My disdain for the ‘pick up’ trade should not be mistaken for some kind of superiority playboy complex. To admit trying to get a lady’s attention is to admit trying too hard and here are but a few tries that I’ve failed to convert: I once wrote a ULU barmaid a poem – alas, she failed to see the ingenuity in rhyming ‘forlorn’ with ‘chloroform’. More recently, I wrote a C++ program that relentlessly asks the user out for a drink until the yes option is selected.

Yet, like a child educated by a catholic school, only to emerge agnostic on the other side, I’ve seen enough of Day Game to know that it is not the solution to my failures. These guys are not offering their ‘students’ an escape rope from the hole that they’ve dug themselves into, they’re merely egging them on to dig it deeper, re-directing the mud they eject into their own pits whilst simultaneously sieving it for gold.

…offering advice on how to approach women…

At a first glance, the concept of Day Game seems somewhat innocent and endearing. The idea that if you see a beautiful woman in the street, stop her and start talking to her, she might not plunge her fist through your chest and pitch your gentle fluttering heart into the oncoming traffic. Most Day Gamers give off the impression that they’re not trying to fill a library with little black books, they’re just trying to be what ‘The Game’ would call their best selves. At the expense of an email address, Andy Yosha – Day Game founder and CEO, as well as Tom Torero – an ‘executive instructor’, will send such self-improvers daily videos and articles, offering advice on how to approach women, how to sustain conversation and examples of their techniques being executed ‘in-field’.

There is always a catch however, and you are not it, not yet, not ever. These videos and articles are just adverts designed to ensnare their audience into a much wider range of Day Game paraphernalia. DVDs such as “conversation king” and “the Day Game blue print” vary in price from $47 to $297, while a weekend spent ‘in-field’ with an ‘executive instructor’ will set you back £675. Many of the free videos feature executive instructors preaching not from London, but from plush Parisian hotels or from opulent Moscovian metro stations. It seems to me that the desperation of Day Game’s demographic to hack natural selection has allowed these learnt (forced) ‘naturals’ (charlatans) to hack it back in their favour.

…some members have let its ideology consume their lives…

The polished brand along with its popularity (the site boasts hundreds of students) indicates that there may be some substance in its methods – though as with any cult/religion, some members have let its ideology consume their lives completely. Approaching women all day for a weekend is a dial pad short of cold calling and assimilating other people’s behaviour is only as useful as your own ability to suppress an identity crisis. For all the nice guys that have conceded defeat and accepted life’s mandatory participatory medal, I do believe Barry O’s words that “yes, our path may be harder, but it leads to a better place.”



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