What was the last thing you did for the very first time? Or if you had the chance to choose what you could do for the first time, what would it be?

Just after the Xmas and New Years blitz I attended the wedding of one of my best friends. It was an amazing day and everyone had a great time, and I was happy it all went well as my partner has never been to a wedding… Ever. In my family it seems everyone is getting married so I have seen plenty of bouquets thrown and speeches given. This said it was interesting that this was a completely new and exciting experience for him. One he wants to experience again.

It got me thinking about the idea of doing something for the first time. Do we take for granted all these amazing opportunities like trying different foods or playing a new sport? Or is doing something for the first time just a day or two of likes on your Facebook page, then nothing more than a fun memory?

…is all about inspiring people to do something remarkable with their phones…

Vodafone have just released a new campaign for 2014 that highlights how powerful doing something for the first time can be. Vodafone Firsts is a social media based programme, that is based on their mobile phone technology, that is all about inspiring people to do something remarkable with their phones.

The programme has already started with champion boxer Mary Kom, British surfer Tom Lowe, and South African musician Spoek Mathambo.

…surf the dangerous Todos Santos wave…

Mary Kom wanted to start a self defence programme in India to teach woman the mental and physical skills to defend themselves. Tom Lowe is tracking and plans to be the first European to surf the dangerous Todos Santos wave, and Spoek Mathambo is creating a cross cultural composition from different African communities, uploading it to the Vodafone cloud and sending it to his collaborators back home.

Vodafone Firsts is a groundbreaking programme and shows what can be achieved with the right help. So next time you find yourself bored with nothing to do, throw caution to the wind and try something new. You may be surprised at how good the feeling is.



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