Coursework deadlines scribbled on sticky notes remind you that you’re less than 36 hours away from the fateful date. You, like most 21st century students have moved from sitting in a library anxiously scribbling down whatever research material you can find, to Google, the one stop research spot. If in doubt, google it, goes the mantra of our times. This means the modern student spends large amounts of research time online than offline. Resources are just a search term and a click away.

Time has swished by faster than you can say procrastination…

36 hours away from deadline doesn’t seem that daunting anymore. So you check your Facebook, you tweet your lack of progress and some witticism about procrastination, you check your e-mail every one hour, in the process of all this you come across some awesome new blogs, and what do you know, suddenly your less than 24 hours from deadline! Time has swished by faster than you can say procrastination. If this isn’t your dilemma and your one of those organized disciplined creatures that draw up a study time table and religiously stick to it, write down a list of things you plan to cover for the day and actually get it done, then stop reading now, alien!

…boy, are there distractions aplenty on the web…

But the rest of you “normal” people, I bet know exactly what I’m talking about. You’ve been there and done that and you’ve lived to tell about it. But distractions online are now part and parcel of an average students study regime. And boy, are there distractions aplenty on the web! Leaving the obvious trinity-Facebook, YouTube and Twitter out, here’s my 10 favourite places to procrastinate.


This is a “discovery engine” which takes you from one random online thing to another. Most stumbler junkies have the stumbleupon tab on their browser window and all it takes is a click on that to be sucked into a vortex of online awesomeness.  If you haven’t already tried it, allow me to stop you from a life of addiction.

Kim Jong Ill Looking at Things

Really, that’s all there is to it; a whole blog full of photos of Kim Jong Ill, the infamous North Korean leader looking at random, albeit inane things ranging from fish to scientists. Why is this even remotely fascinating? It just is.

Post Secret

What’s not to like about reading people’s dirty little secrets? Enough said.

Doghouse Diaries

It’s a website of original comics on a variety of topics about everyday life. It’s funny and clever and totally worth a peak.

Tales of Mere Existence

Tales of Mere Existence are cartoons of sorts about “stuff you think about but don’t talk about”. It’s by a guy called Levni Yilmaz and is hilariously autobiographical in an everyman sort of way.


If you’re not tempted to send your own FML story, you sure as hell will be tempted to read everyone else’s.

Dear Blank Please Blank

This site is just a genius idea. It’s kind of like FMyLife but with a different twist. It’s basically short funny letters that are as random as “Dear Bra, Wanna Trade? Sincerely, Jock Strap”! You get the picture right?

The Sartorialist

It’s one awesome fashion photo orgasm after another; and what’s super duper cool is that it’s all real everyday people. Well, as real and everyday as New Yorkers can get! (Just kidding.) It’s by a guy who’s worked in fashion before. He wanted to start photographing people on the street from the perspective of how designers would look at people and The Sartorialist was born.

If you like computer games then here’s one that might just hit the spot. It’s a site full of games catering to all kinds of tastes and all you need to do is register for free on the site. Now isn’t that just procrastination heaven?!

Everyone’s had an e card encounter at some point right? If not, make a beeline to your laptop and go check it out now! Think those almost annoyingly nice and cheesy Hallmark cards, doing a total about turn and you’ve got some ecards.  They are snarky, often blunt, even bordering on the offensive sometimes, but absolutely hilarious if taken in the right spirit. It’s all free and you can easily spend hours on their website just browsing and sharing the sarcasm around!

There you have it folks! Procrastinate responsibly.

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Dilhara is a some-time writer, aspiring to be a full-time publisher. At present she is busy Mastering Publishing at University College London (UCL) and has her fingers and toes crossed that it will lead her to the publishing career she’s hoping for.

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