Fast, slow, sleek, shabby, exciting and boring are all keywords many people use when describing their cars and cars they see on the street. But it’s not always the fastest, most amazing looking car that is paramount; sometimes it is the less expensive, characterful cars that make owning a car worth it. In my opinion, if the car has character, then it’s a winner.

The Peugeot 106 GTi: Honestly? My favourite. A quirky, cute and perfectly proportioned car that Jeremy Clarkson once described it as “There’s only one perfect car here… and that’s the 106” The GTi is a proper 1990s hot hatch, oozing charisma and energy, which you’ll savor when driving and thanks to it’s sharp steering, perfect handling and feistiness, the GTi is one car that is a definite top 5. 



The Fiat 500: The amount of times I’ve heard about this car is impressive. It’s cute, fun and generally rather quite attractive, yet though there are plenty of better looking cars around, this one seems to stand out. With an amazing economic usage of nearly 70mpg, and the fact that behind the wheel of this sporty 500, not only do you feel cool, you look cool too and at a cost of £9,000 and below, it’s very appealing indeed.



BMW 3 Series: Ever wanted an expensive, luxury looking car without paying the luxury price? Then the BMW 3 Series is for you. A car that is made from proper quality, with a unique rear-wheel drive that just doesn’t seem to be in any other car allows you to have that cool feeling without a burning hole in your pocket. This car is a true ‘first-timer’ car and can be bought for a very reasonable price of around £2,000 (even with full-service history) and what with it being insurable too, means it is a great buy.



Honda Insight: This car, from a cosmetic opinion, is sleek, shiny and stunning. Not only is it attractive, it is also incredibly safe and boasts a wallet-friendly and eco-saving 64.2mpg making sure that those petrol-stops on the motorway are kept to a minimum. This car was noted as “Fun to Drive” by Car and Driver and with brilliant handling, breaking and steering, it is one car not to be ‘driven’ away.



Alfa Romeo 156: A car that is not only graceful, but is absolutely stunning has to be this car. It was designed by the VW current group design Chief Walter De’Silva and was disclosed to all at the Frankfurt Show in 1997 replacing the 155 Fiat Saloon, yet as a car to drive, it is beyond fun. It’s quirky and intriguing and oozes interest and with nearly 700,000 sales worldwide, proved that the Italian brand had a lot to offer.



Images courtesy of Honda, Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Peugeot and BMW


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