As we reach the end of 2011 in terms of gadgets we have been given a real treat this year, it comes as no surprise that 2012 is going to be massive for the gadget world. We have heard the rumours and read the gossip so before CES in January 2012 here at MouthLondon we have compiled our eager beaver gadget list to keep your eyes peeled for:


PlayStation Vita

We all know how the failure of the PSN this year caused one of the biggest dramas the world of capitalism has seen; shouts for PlayStation to redeem themselves have been so loud that one of their answers is this next generation portable entertainment system. With Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity, 5” OLED screen, quad-core graphical power, front and rear cameras and rear touchpad we (UK) will have to wait until February 2012 to get our mitts on this powerful portable plaything. There is a vicious rumour afloat of PlayStation 4 – I won’t believe anything until I read an official press release!


Wii U

First things first, the Wii U is not to be compared with the PS Vita, it is not a portable gaming machine. The Wii U is a full HD, 1080p home console and the wizardry lies in the 6.2” touchscreen, tablet-like controller. This is pretty nifty from Ninty. The controller can be used to play games if the TV is being used for, well, watching TV and as an extension of what is not on the TV screen in single-player mode. The Wii U also has video-calling capabilities using its front facing camera. The proud owner would also be able to share content from the controller to the TV. Awesome. Expect a late summer release in the UK.



Not exactly the handheld type of gadget, but a 32” plus gadget nonetheless. TVs are the toys enlightening our vision and soon to be filling our soul, and living rooms, with 3D imagery and then some in 2012. With big names set to emerge with more 3D TVs, some are waltzing with a sharp 4K 2D resolution. And there I was thinking nothing could ever beat 1080p! Don’t be surprised with an influx of Smart TV which will undoubtedly see a harder push for the future of television. Another hark of heresay that Apple have an iTV in the pipeline – I’m not one to spread a rumour though.


Tablets and Smartphones

While the iPhone 5 and iPad 3 are merely whispers heard through the grapevine growing outside Cupertino, hardcore Apple worshippers can feel the spirit stirring from within. With no official announcement to curtail the frenzy over the would-could-be iPad 3, it is predicted for a Spring release and wishes for a resolution upgrade, greater graphics processor and possibly NFC. The iPhone 4S was released with a mix of pleasure and puzzlement. Either way it sold out the world over. There is talk over an autumn 2012 release for the iPhone 5 complete with new iOS, new exterior design, new quad core processor. Is it all just wishful thinking?

Asides from what may be hitting the tablet and smartphone market, what is a reality is Amazon’s Kindle Fire in the first quarter. Expect a convergence of Ultrabook laptops, Asus and Acer leading the way. Sony’s Xperia Arc HD doesn’t have an exact 2012 release date yet and neither does the Asus Padfone. 2012 also sees the release of Windows 8 for as Microsoft’s new  OS.


A special mention for the photography world which looks set to see the Polaroid GL30 and hopefully the Canon 5D Mark III.

If we can disseminate fact from fiction and patiently wait for what 2012 brings us, I believe we will be pleasantly awed by the digital and tech world. Let’s all behave nicely so Santa can give us what we want. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year – may your season be filled with wi-fi and all things tablet sized.

Image courtesy of Gizmodo


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