You probably are unaware of the status of your teeth, but if you are one of the lucky 20% percent of the population, then you are not in trouble.

The scary truth is that the majority of us have really bad teeth. It stems from a culture that worships sugar in all its forms. Sugar feeds the bacteria in our mouth and when the levels become too much it can lead to far more serious ailments than a bit of bleeding when we brush.


This lovely infection starts by an increased amount of plaque hanging around your gums. The gums become swollen, bleed and then continue to erupt until you brush your teeth. While at university a flatmate regularly complained about spitting out blood in the sink when he brushed. We assured him a little isn’t too bad, but this was a lot. It took him a good while to strengthen the gums and stop the bleeding.

Trench Mouth

A product of a by-gone era, Trench Mouth was named after the extreme conditions facing soldiers in WW1. With poor supplies and a bad idea about general dental hygiene, the soldiers faced an extreme version of gingivitis. This would affect the entire jaw, spreading the infection down into the roots of the teeth and causing massive disfigurement. If you don’t brush your teeth this is inevitable.


Diabetes runs in my family so I was upset to hear that the bacteria in your mouth could lead to more extreme cases of diabetes. When the gums are sore and bleeding, the bacteria can leak into your blood stream and decrease the effectiveness of the natural insulin in the body.

Heart Attack

Blood is pumped around your body at an alarming rate. The bacteria that can seep into your bloodstream will pass through your heart and on some cases also take plaque along with it. Your heart is a strong muscle, but it has limitations. The plaque builds up and finally causes a blockage, effectively stopping the heart functioning.


As bacteria can escape into the bloodstream, it can also be inhaled. With an increase in the mouth there is a larger threat of bacteria breeding in your warm lungs. Bronchitis is a serious and common infection that can easily be avoided.



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