After my couple of months’ stint on Star Trek Online, I gladly settled back into the real world without any regrets. Popping back on now and again I still chat to the same players, the game play hasn’t really moved on very much and unfortunately paying players still get the best stuff. This doesn’t’ make me want to go back, but luckily STO isn’t the only free to play MMORPG out there.

 As I have mentioned on previous posts Star Wars: The Old Republic is a game that literally amazed me. It was a subscription only game, but luckily for all Star wars fans they have recently made it free to play. Although they are going to make the service completely free in about a month’s time (at the moment players are restricted to up to level 15) the game will switch over and you can shoot, force lightning and hack as many people as you like with your lightsaber.



Another great game is based in the vicious sword and fantasy world of Conan the Barbarian. Age of Conan sees you pick a hero and traverse the beautiful and dangerous land of Hyboria. With a really violent and interesting fighting system the game is perfect for teaming up with online players and going on quests. More real than the fantasy, cartoon feeling of World Of Warcraft and much, much more blood.



The Settlers online is an interesting game that I had the chance to play at a friend’s house. The idea is to build up a strong empire by starting from settling your first house all the way to managing your city. Trading, being at war and talking to other players who control cities are all part of the game plan and it’s a refreshing micromanagement experience that makes this game so enjoyable.



Moving more into the realms of reality, World of Tanks takes the player on a vicious ride inside a tank or vehicle from the world wars. With over 150 different vehicles to pick from, a pvp match with up to 30 players on each side and really crisp and stunning graphics this game is a nice change from the fantasy genre.



With a feeling of nostalgia (I’m talking Goldeneye first person) the game Wolf Team has had me gripped for its idea and game play. You choose to be with a man or werewolf and go against each other with various weapons and abilities while caking the arena in blood. If you dislike the Twilight franchise then play this game and take out the frustration with bloody violence.



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