Landing your dream job is something that happens to few of us, and the harsh reality of life is that you will probably be stuck doing a job you dislike for a long time. However, don’t get down by this prospect as you are not alone. Here are our top 5 ways to enjoy the job that pays the rent, but destroys your soul.


Make good friends

Making friends isn’t as easy as you think it would be, but when faced with an environment you get bored in/dislike it can be lifesaving ability. Pick your allies well and try not to reveal too much too fast. For instance do talk about your family and hobbies, but refrain from slagging off the management or your love of bondage.

Make a game

Faced with a solid day of doing the same boring things it is best to create a game to make the time fly by. See how many customers you can help in an hour, and then try to beat that score. If you have a friend you can compete against then you start building some healthy competition.

Change your routine

Quite simply change your routine. It’s quite straight forward really. Set your timer for a bit earlier and have a healthy breakfast or go for a run. Read a book on your breaks or learn a new skill on your lunch break. You will find that your boring job becomes something you do in-between all the cool things in your life.

Apply yourself

If you hate your job/position then make a goal to take your managers place. Unless there is no way you can move up the ranks (which is unlikely) then go for it and become the person everyone loathes. Although the best option is to be the person everyone likes to work for. If your manager is a horrible boss then be the exception to the rule when you dethrone them.

Drink excessively like Karen Walker

Ok so this may not be the best point on this list, but damn does that woman have fun! If you can get away with it then why not? Just don’t let on we said it was a good idea. It’s totally the best idea on here. Go on. Grab a drink.



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