There are literally thousands of Apps available on the market today and I’ve had a good browse through the lot. Here, I’ve sifted out the crap that is on offer that people still download! So join me as we delve into the Top 5 Worst Apps out there:



99p worth of trouble!

Sometimes I feel sleepy at work. I enjoy procrastinating and can easily lose myself in the internet, but how do I make it seem like I am still working to my colleagues? I buy iNap@Work that lets me choose the sounds that I want to come out of my iPhone to trick people into thinking I am typing an email or clicking a mouse. Of course this would be fine unless I was caught sleeping! What will your boss think is worse? You sleeping on the job or using a bought App to hide the fact that your not working, while sleeping…


It's not at all sexual...


Cow Tossing

This App is exactly how it reads. You hold down and toss a cow through space.

There is a strange points system that really doesn’t make sense and the highlight of the game is hearing the first “moo”.




Enjoy underwear? This could be for you!



If you have a zip fetish then this App is the best thing ever. If not then you fall into the category of everyone else. A giant zip on the front of changeable types of clothing appears. You move up and down to unzip and then zip the clothing. There is a lovely zip noise that accompanies it.




That many colours!

This App gives you a one coloured screen. That’s it. Originally it gave you a white screen. Now with upgrades you can choose any colour you want. It’s still only one colour on the screen though. Also for something that is as simple and stupid as this, the software contains several bugs and regular upgrades are needed even though it’s just a blank screen with colour on it.



Hold the Button

Lose the use of your hand for hours on end!

We all get bored once in a while, but that doesn’t mean we have to buy an App that measures how long you can keep your finger on a spot and then uploads the time score to a leader board. It’s that simple, but incredibly boring. If you have time go and do something creative rather than being stuck in the same position for hours on end! You should see the leader boards some people have far too much time on their hands.


So there you have it! Stupid Apps that people still buy.

Let us know what other terrible Apps we have missed for our next top 5!

Images courtesy of Apple


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