When you think of cutting edge environmentally friendly household products, you may not automatically think of your trusty vacuum cleaner. That’s about to change thanks to design student, Jake Tyler’s  inspired, environmentally friendly solution to traditional and costly plastic vacuum cleaners.

Made from recycled materials, the vacuum’s retail box breaks down to form the flame retardant body of the cleaner and slips into place without the need of any glue. Any part that can’t be made from cardboard is made from sustainable and recycled pure nylon plastic. Best of all as it’s made of card you can doodle on it all you like.

…cutting down on environmentally damaging shipping…

The production of the Vax ev uses RP (rapid process) manufacturing that avoids plastic injection moulding which requires assembly lines, limiting it to few locations. Due to its innovative design the Vax ev can be produced locally, cutting down on environmentally damaging shipping across country.

Due to be showcased at the New Designers exhibition in London’s Business and Design Centre from 6-9 July, the Vax ev has secured Jake Tyler prizes from Loughborough University as well as being considered by Vax for a limited run of production.

Part of Vax’s student placement scheme, Jake worked for a year with the New Design team at Vax HQ in Worcestershire.

If you’re interested in an industrial placement for Vax then contact them at Vax’s placement website or email recruitment@vax.co.uk

Image courtesy of Jake Tyler


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