University is an expensive place to be. Sure there are the bargains that come with being a student: cheap booze at the Student Union and discounts when shopping, but the majority of the experience will be harsh to your bank account.

When I was at university, I lived in halls and one of my flatmates was obsessed with buying DVDs from Amazon. In fact a lot of my friends spent their money (money they didn’t really have) on a host of odd things.

…It’s very easy to apply…

There are lots of ways to raise money if you need it, but one of the simplest is to borrow it from It’s very easy to apply and you can get up to £500 straight into your account on the same day you ask for it.

Check out this awesome infographic from Cash Window about what people spend. Are you one of these statistics? Let us know in the comments below:

Spending Habits


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