For the last 10 years, PC gaming has been on the decline, but a few gems still come out every now and again that puts my faith back into the unconventional gaming medium.

PC games of the last decade, that have been slightly overshadowed by the consoles, are still very much alive and ever-changing thanks to a computer modding community known as Filefront. The wonderful thing about Filefront is that mods are completely free and show the hard work, dedication and creativity that some fans go to so as to keep the games going.

For anyone who is unaware of what modding is I would point them to their favourite PC game. Whether you were a fan of The Sims, the various Star Wars games or Unreal Tournament modding can be, and has been, utilised, and usually it is done to make the game more fun, run smoother and add wonderful, new elements.

…engulfed in it gaming’s beauty…

Beauty. Enough said.

For instance in the strategy game Sins of a Solar Empire, as the player you control one of 3 alien races that seek to dominate the galaxy through negotiations, treachery or war; you build large fleets and conquer worlds. At Filefront the modding community created Star Wars, Stargate, Star Trek, Babylon 5 and Halo versions of this game.


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The games vary at Filefront, from first person shooters, strategy, adventure etc and the downloadable content can be as extreme as a full game change to changing character hair styles. The quality of the mods and content is extremely high and the forums explain the actions you need to take –  especially, if you get lost in an installation!

So if you have an old classic you liked playing then take a look at Filefront and get downloading! Not only will you be having a new experience, you probably will fall in love with that old game all over again. For some older games there may not be as many mods, but for the later releases there are mods that change the storyline or create a new game using the existing engine. It takes a bit of getting used to so if you know anyone who’s done it before then get them to lend you a hand for the first go.


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Check out FileFront and let us know what games you are playing again.

Images courtesy of Filefront, Left for Dead, Teletubbies and Ironclad Games



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