As the Christmas period approaches and I get older, I find it harder to buy gifts for my friends. My parents are simple as they usually say the same thing “I don’t need anything! Don’t waste your money!”, but we all know if I turned up with nothing I would be chucked out of the house.

So the last couple of years I have been checking out for some of my harder to get gifts.

…completely barmy gifts…

Stay dry!

What’s really nice about this site is the completely barmy gifts: The Facebook Friends Poster, The VW camper van tent and Giant Gummi Bears, that you can get right alongside some quite normal ones.

The gifts are supposed to be a little bit different than what you can usually find online, and although crazy is the main theme going on here, there are still some really nice gadgets (Flip Mino HD Digital Cameras) and worthwhile, practical gifts (Skatecycle).

…they come ridiculously fast so it’s perfect if you plan ahead…

Travelling needs sorted

Once you order your wares, they come ridiculously fast so it’s perfect if you plan ahead. However, if you need it the next day then be prepared to pay a little extra to get it to your day, but it will come when they say!

I would list my favourite purchases here, but I wouldn’t want to give away my shopping habits (what would I do with a Doctor Who Tardis Wardrobe, A Giant Gummi Worm and some True Blood drinks?). My advice is take a good look at the different sections and find something a little different for that special someone at Christmas. Or just buy something for yourself. 

Check out the sale that leads all the way up to Christmas.

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  1. Liam Hallinan

    What a great review! I use this website for all my christmas gifts and I can say that it has never failed to impress me. Such creative and unique gifts with a quirky element. Definitley a website to add to your favourites!



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