I am a big fan of gaming; I enjoy how creative people can be on the internet. So the site Newgrounds is one of my more frequent places to visit when I open up Firefox.

Newgrounds is an interesting website in that it has a bit of everything. If you’re looking to get lost for a couple of hours in a wealth of various platforms then jump on over and start exploring.

…playing the completely barmy and ridiculous creations…

Let this be our final battle!

The best part for me personally is the games. Updated weekly, the games are made by various companies and normal programmers. Some of the more famous games have even been adapted for major consoles (Dad’N’ Me, Pico and Alien Hominid), but the fun of the site is playing the completely barmy and ridiculous creations people come up with! Nowhere else have I been able to survive a zombie apocalypse by using red necks to bash in heads, Fight the King of the crabs in an ultimate end battle or go on a killing spree in a school.

On top of all this delicious content is the flash portal where users submit their flash built short films. This is complemented by an audio section with a very long collection of user-made music that can be used for your game or film, and an Art section where artists show off their talents.

…search through the archives of games, music and films…

Words really can’t explain the madness and fun you can find on this site. If you are going to visit I do urge you to search through the archives of games, music and films as although I cannot praise this place enough, some of the gems have been shoved in the back and no longer feature on the main page.

Lastly the site is very user based with forums and grading systems to rate people’s work. You can easily learn how to start your first flash animation, coding for a game or get some tips on your drawing skills.

Check out the video below for the sort of flash animation films that come out of Newgrounds and let us know if you start procrastinating on the site!



Images courtesy of Ultimate Crab Battle and Fungasm


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