There are tons of short film sites out there, but when I came across (SOTW) I set up camp. SOTW filters through loads of short films to collect only the biggest festival hits and the most popular student or viral films. It doesn’t have specific content: it features an array of stories driven by various media formats, some of which contain the latest technologies.

I have been moved by Apricot, Nuit Blanche and Between Bears: a live-type, SFX, and 3D animation, respectively. However, what I find most pleasing is the review that comes along with the play option. Here, key facts about the production are disclosed, often revealing new ways technologies have been manipulated in order to create new visual experiences. Furthermore, it details an extensive outline of the director, including their history and where they have ended up.

SOTW is a true gem…

SOTW also includes collections of award-winning films and famous directors; and various media formats, such as RED, 35mm and DSLR. An extensive tag system is also available that allows users to select a particular genre, topic or style to help them explore a chosen preference or interest. I have been amazed by the animations featured on the site and have honestly been awoken to their potential and flexibility.

Thanks to SOTW, I no longer stick to live-type and finally appreciate animation and other technologies in the pursuit to express story and emotion. I encourage everyone who is interested in technologies and storytelling to view this site. I hope that it too will open up a broader scope to visual style that is so readily available, and often overlooked, in the short-film industry. SOTW is a true gem among the vast array of websites out there; offering both a varied approach to stories and the expanding means to express them.


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A graduate in film studies with extensive experience in several writing forms along with a production portfolio of various media forms requiring direction, writing and cinematography roles.

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