You may be forgiven for not being aware that Nintendo are launching a new console in less than a year’s time. The Japanese super gaming company are notoriously tight lipped about up coming releases, you can’t blame them, and even the launch of the recent 3DS slipping slightly under the radar. The grand unveiling of the Wii U at E3 last month left a lot of people bemused as to what Nintendo was up to with their neither man nor beast console.

So what do we know about the Wii U?

…Wii U was greeted with a great deal of nonplussed faces…

The Wii U is a marriage between two current trends in technology; motion control and touchscreen tablet gaming. Like the Wii before it the Wii U was greeted with a great deal of nonplussed faces from the journalists lucky enough to play with the new hardware.

The Wii U’s controller resembles a cross between a tablet PC and Nintendo’s own DS with a 6.2 inch touchscreen and a standard gaming D-pad. Far larger than the Wii remote the U controller is fitted with a gyro sensor and motion tracker and interestingly acts as an extension to the game being played on your TV screen. Having a true 360 environment to play in is shown in demos where you have to defend yourself from arrow attacks that come from literally every direction. It’s even been hinted that you could play a games via the controller without needing to switch your TV on at all!

…you can play all your old Wii games as well as new downloadable games.

The console itself will support full HD games, the original Wii was criticised for not having the oomph to pull this off, and it’s fully backwards compatable so  Your old Wii remotes can be used to play games alongside the U remote.

When the Wii was launched five years ago it was greeted with derision from people unable to see the direction Nintendo was going with its products. These detractors were soon silenced by the massive popularity of the console with other gaming giants Microsoft and Sony having to play catch up ever since. Time will tell if the Wii U can revolutionise the way people play games like its predecessor did but I wouldn’t mind betting that Sony and Microsoft are designing their next generation of consoles with the Wii U firmly in mind.    

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