It’s awe-inspiring to think of the changes that our everyday existence has undergone with developing technology. Even more so when we consider that personal computing didn’t really take off until the 1980s. There are now an estimated 1 billion PCs in use worldwide, which will rise to around 2 billion by 2014 – a figure that excludes smartphones and tablets.

It is no surprise then that Google, with its 3 billion searches per day, is almost synonymous with the internet. The verb “to google” has even made it into the dictionary and so, as the ever increasing ubiquity of the tech giant increases, the company are continually searching for ways to further their imposing presence.

Enter then; the Google House.


Silencing Siri

Ignoring the Google-coloured glass that fans out above the front door, there is very little to tell this four storey Georgian town house apart from its neighbours. Situated in London’s affluent Fitzroy Square and replacing former Bloomsbury Set tenants with an abundance of super smart tablets, the house has been set up as a showcase for the release of Google Voice Search – the latest challenger to Apple’s rather lacklustre Siri.

Inside the house you’re met with wireless video streaming thanks to Google Chromecast, efficient and effective photo filing in the shape of new app Auto Awesome, real time translation with the updated Google Translate and of course, the freedom to control all of this and more with the flick of a finger or simple voice command.

…allows you to access all of Google’s “knowledge” simply and effectively…

The GVS works seamlessly with smartphones and tablets, something which Apple will be feeling decidedly uncomfortable with, and allows you to access all of Google’s “knowledge” simply and effectively. The cross platform design means you can create your shopping list at home and your phone will send you a gentle reminder the next time you arrive at the supermarket.

Much of the technology on display within the house is already available and, with sites such as Voucherbox UK offering discount codes for shops such as Amazon, Curry’s and Dell, there is no reason why you can’t join the Google revolution and save money at the same time.

So the next time your fingers are just too exhausted to lift your laptop screen and type a request into the Google search engine, why not give GVS a try and save yourself a potential RSI.

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