Every year the Terracotta film festival holds some amazing screenings of the best from the East.

This year they are going all out with an all-night horror fest. Being held in the Prince Charles Cinema, the screening starts at 11:30pm and runs through to 7:10 am: a full night of Ghosts, monsters, zombies, demons and killers.

Being big film and horror buffs we thought we would take a look at these 5 horror nasties that lie in wait for those daring enough to take on the 8 hours of gore:



Visions of horror and murder fill this surreal film. A giant knife throwing bunny haunts the protagonist Elang, but is it all in his head or is there more to the recent murders than once thought?


The Ghost Story of Yotsuya

Mixing old style samurai films with gangster and ghostly films, The Ghost Story of Yotsuya starts off as a tension building gangster flick that careers into a frightening horror.  




This one is probably the most anticipated of the bunch. Shot on a tiny budget, but boasting some stunning visuals and a storyline that will make you flinch, Henge centers around a young couple, a transformation and the hunt for human flesh. Scary, original and a clear award winner.




No not the horror version with Carol Vorderman, but a drug fuelled psycho thriller. Three girls celebrate the New Year by buying drugs form a dealer who seems to be ok, but turns out to be a cold stone killer. Hilarity and terror ensues.




Would you know how to survive a zombie apocalypse? This film deals with an army of zombies besieging an office building because the girls inside have the only tape that tells you how to beat zombies. Full of gore, amazing special effects and a beautiful mix of comedy/horror.



If this sounds right up your alley then check out the festival and get tickets for the event here.

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