If you’re anything like me then you can see the faults in humanity. How we are running out of natural resources, killing habitats and overpopulating our world. Some people just call me angry, but simply put if we do not change the way we operate and conduct ourselves we will destroy our world in the next 100 years.

That said, there are people out there who are trying to make a difference, and Shell have put together a neat competition to find ways to save energy through technology. Imagine if you we could collect every drop of rain that falls on the planet and convert it to power? If ideas exist like this then it’s time to nurture them and that’s where you can come in!

Check out the video and see what the whole idea is about:



The competition deadline is December 2014 for Shell Ideas 360 and don’t be shy in submitting. For all you know your idea could be a small part in saving the future of humanity. Now wouldn’t that be something to put on your CV.

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