For those of you who missed it, two weekends ago, Saturday 16th of November, saw a host of important documentaries being show, all centred on the concept of nuclear energy.

The festival itself is incredibly pertinent, ever since the announcement of a nuclear power plant being built in Somerset, and for those that could not attend, it is staking the claim that time has come for us all to take note of one of the biggest man-made threats on offer. As humans we are walking a thin line between being progressive in our technological ventures, and condemning ourselves to a concept so volatile, it has only ever been proven to take lives away. The concept of this festival was to explore which way the majority does lean when it comes to nuclear power, whilst examining which way it should lean after accruing all of the facts.

Throughout the festival, there were six films shown: A is for Atom, The Battle of Chernobyl, Women of Fukushima, Welcome to Nuclear Land, The Good Reactor, and Pandora’s Promise.

…these films takes a different viewpoint on nuclear technology…

Each of these films takes a different viewpoint on nuclear technology, looking at the future developments that it might take, or exploring the harrowing past that it has left behind.

Over the coming week, this publication will be uploading reviews of all the films, giving links to all of the trailers, and will hopefully be opening a lot of readers’ eyes to the potential threat that our nation is putting upon us.



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