As I walked into the HMV Hammersmith Apollo the buzz of excitement and anticipation for one of the heavyweights of hip-hop was already flowing.

A full capacity venue of fans crowded around the bars and filtered into the main arena as Kano finished his exuberant set. The Godfathers of the genre were soon to take the stage.

…a colossal mix of cheers and screams as all arms were raised to the roof.

The wait was not long and as The Roots entered the modest room they were met with a colossal mix of cheers and screams as all arms were raised to the roof.

As the opening drum heavy intro filled the room, the drink in my hand began to vibrate as the crowd started to sway to the music. The taint of sweat and the odour of marijuana soon arrived, creating the backdrop for what was to culminate in a stunning, memorable live performance.

Booming vocals from MC Black Thought…

No over the top visuals or exuberant props were to overshadow this powerful band, as lively beats and cutting vocals reminiscent of Jurassic 5 at the peak of their popularity thrilled the eager crowd.

The Roots have a catalogue of tracks fit for any mood, but this particular routine was rightly focused towards an energetic audience. A set filled with classic, renowned songs raced towards the mid-point of the headline acts show and gradually mellowed out into a number of smooth rhythms. To start the second half of the gig was a stunning drums solo which echoed and vibrated through the bodies of the captivated masses.

…it is hard not to become an instant fan.

Booming vocals from MC Black Thought and expert drumming from Questlove throughout the ninety minute set further solidified The Roots as a group who can still bring an immense spectacle to some of the most celebrated venues around.

It doesn’t matter what genre of music you are into, when hearing a band such as The Roots who have had such a presence and influence for so many years, it is hard not to become an instant fan.

Image courtesy of the Roots


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