A fight scene can be anything from a realistic bar fight, to a choreographed martial arts scene, or an elaborate gravity defying spectacle that captures the imagination of the audience. Since there are so many amazing fight scenes to choose from, this top 5 is going to be in two parts (which technically makes it a top 10 – don’t complain, it’s a bargain).

Here are my top 5 fight scenes (part one) WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD:


Kill Bill Volume 2 – Beatrix Kiddo aka The Bride Vs Elle Driver

I was tempted to pick the 10 minute long blood bath from Volume One, where Beatrix Kiddo takes on the Crazy 88, but I chose this fight between Kiddo and Elle Driver (Daryl Hannah) instead. The term ‘anything goes’ is appropriate when describing their vicious fight as they almost demolish Budd‘s (Michael Madsen) trailer in the process, but what better way is there to get revenge on someone who was a part of your attempted assassination and who killed your master (Pai Mei), than to gouge out their only eye?



House of Flying Daggers – Fight in a Bamboo Forest

One of the most visually beautiful and captivating fights has to be from Zhang Yimou’s 2004 film. All of the fights in this film are impressive, but this one stands out amongst the others as the blind and outnumbered Mei (Zhang Ziyi) fights off a group of men (she is later helped by Jin played by Takeshi Kaneshiro). Fight scenes in Wuxia films are always amazing and a welcomed change from the typical Hollywood alternatives, so you can expect another one to make it in part two.



Rocky V – Rocky Balboa Vs Ivan Drago

This is definitely my favourite fight out of the Rocky films and it seemed almost impossible that Rocky would be able to beat the cold and merciless Russian. However, logic and common sense prevails and you realise that although Rocky lost the final match in the first film, there is no way he can lose here. With the need to avenge the abrupt death of his former opponent and friend Apollo Creed, Balboa and Drago knock the stuffing out of each other, round after round, until Balboa eventually wins over the tough Russian crowd and subsequently the match.



The Matrix – Neo Vs Agent Smith

With each film in The Matrix franchise the fight scenes became bigger and bigger, but also increasingly less impressive. With hundreds of computer generated Agent Smith’s fighting a dodgy animated looking Neo; it became evident that the makers bit off more than they could chew. That’s why my favourite fight scene comes from the first film and it is the penultimate fight between Neo and Agent Smith in the subway. With his opportunity to leave the matrix momentarily destroyed by Smith, Neo is faced with the option to either run, or fight, and of course he fights, creating one of the most exciting fight scenes which was as exhilarating to watch in 1999 as it is today.



Equilibrium – John Preston Vs Army of Clerics

In a dystopian society masquerading as a utopian civilisation, Christian Bale plays high ranking Cleric John Preston; a member of a law enforcement that wants to stop all ‘sense offenders’ and anything that can evoke human emotion. After he begins ‘feeling’, Preston decides to bring down the regime from the inside, but not before taking out numerous clerics along the way using Gun Kata (a ‘gun martial art’ in which a series of movements are calculated to kill many opponents without breaking a sweat) which leads to a shoot out between Preston and a hallway full of clerics.


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