She Was the First (Jaws, 1975)

The tagline for the film that gave birth to the blockbuster is teasing, provocative and a great companion to that famous poster. Much like everything about Jaws, it fashions a memorable image and offers the audience a drip-feed of suspense with the promise of more sheer entertainment to follow.


In Space, No-one Can Hear You Scream (Alien, 1979)

A tagline which is equally as frightening as the monsters created by H. R Giger; it conjures feelings of claustrophobia, terror and isolation which is matched by the creepy, daunting set aboard the Nostromo ship. Along with Jaws, it is one of the most renowned taglines and is memorable for its accurate reflection of the films harrowing story and inescapable location.


Fear is Not Knowing. Terror is Finding Out (My Little Eye, 2002)

A little known British gem, My Little Eye fell under the radar and didn’t get the attention it deserved. A thoroughly creepy and haunting twist on the voyeur horror film, it utilises the CCTV angle to bone-shivering effect. A mix between big brother and a ‘who-dunnit’, the unsuspecting inhabitants of a reality TV house think they’re going to get famous and make a quick buck, but are actually the prey of a bunch of rich recluses with murder on their minds. The tagline perfectly encapsulates the theme, especially as once the twist is revealed you’re almost as surprised as the surviving housemates.


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Six Reasons Why the West Was Wild (Young Guns, 1988)

A bit of a lost soul as far as the genre is concerned, Young Guns is almost a Western for people who don’t want to have to slog through any of the history or gloomy settings. Emilio Estevez leads the way as the cheeky gunslinger and is followed in tow by a host of charismatic actors. A tagline which isn’t afraid to boast; it advertises the onscreen talent perfectly with a catchy play on words. Sadly it doesn’t reflect some of the actor’s present careers, but back when Estevez was full of beans it was a great line-up for an action packed film.


A game nobody survives… But Schwarzenegger has yet to play (The Running Man, 1987)

Points awarded just for having the balls to break the fourth wall even before any bums are on seats, this tagline proves that an actor can be bigger than the film. Including Arnie in the line advertises that The Running Man is simply going to be a vehicle for the big man to do what he does best and very little else. He doesn’t disappoint and although at best, The Running Man can be called a cult classic, the film doesn’t pull any punches, it gets straight to the point (violence) and the tagline hits the nail on the head.

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