This week in Media at MouthLondon, we had a great selection of articles for you including three film reviews from this year’s London Korean Film Festival (LKFF). Christopher Almeida started us of with his review of Seung-wan Ryoo’s Kung-Fu epic The City of Violence. The director who is being compared to Hollywood’s own Tarantino is a prime example of how Korean filmmakers are continually adding to the success of the industry with socially relevant productions which never stray too far from the light-hearted nature which the action genre can often display.

I stole Yinka’s job this week and gave you The Top 5 Film Taglines, which although you may feel includes a few strange choices, it does pay tribute to such classics as Jaws and Alien. You don’t have to put up with me much longer as next week Yinka will return with The Top 5 Singing Actors. I can give you a sneak preview by revealing 50 Cent only just missed out, but if we ever change the feature to a top 132,842, he may well be included then.

…David Cook treated us to a double feature of Seung-wan Ryoo films…

Mid-week brought the swift return of the LKFF as David Cook treated us to a double feature of Seung-wan Ryoo films; Dachimawa Lee and Arahan. Two more great additions to the Korean film industry and if you have not watched them yet, take a look at thetrailers to see what you are missing out on.

We cannot seem to stay away from Gus Van Sant lately and Ben Rider explained why with the first part of his profile on the director of art-house tour-de-forces such as Elephant and My Own Private Idaho. Part 2 will be coming soon so keep checking back.

Gemma Suyat rounded up the week in style with her insight on Black Onassis… 

Gemma Suyat rounded up the week in style with her insight on Black Onassis; Chris Karloff’s (Kasabian’s ex-guitarist/keyboardist) band and their latest album release. It sounds promising and with free tracks being offered online it’s sure to go down well with the fans. 

As well as Yinka’s return with The Top 5, next week Chloe McLaren will be reviewing David Attenborough’s latest documentary Frozen Planet which has stunned audiences every week with the kind of cinematography of the natural world which we have almost come to expect from the BBC. 

…one of the loudest, most raucous nights of music in the festive period… 

We will also have two previews for you next month; firstly, what is sure to be one of the loudest, most raucous nights of music in the festive period which will be stationed at the Electric in Brixton and also Jose Ugarte will give us the latest scoop on the next upcoming adventures of a certain Mr Bond. 

We have all of this and more next week at MouthLondon; your first point of call for all of the hottest media news in and around the capital.


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