It was a vibrant mix of mainstream and the underground this week at MouthLondon’s Media hub.

It all kicked off with a review of the soon to be released Grindhouse Trailer Classics Volume 3, where I was whisked off into a world of tongue-in-cheek violence and light-hearted depravity. This latest DVD instalment boasts over fifty trailers from the classic era including Black Mama, White Mama and Sweden Heaven Hell.

…a dinner date with the Teletubbies…

All of the featured films attempts at genuinely trying to horrify, titillate or shock the audience fall flat on their face, mainly due to the low budgets and criminal lack of creativity, but there is often that underlying feeling that if some of these directors were given a little more pocket money then they could produce films which would make The Human Centipede look like a dinner date with the Teletubbies.

Moving onto material which is a little more comforting and which displays filmmaking of a much higher calibre, Monday brought us Chloe McLaren’s frank review of Frozen Planet. Narrated of course by Sir David Attenborough, the latest nature documentary series from the BBC and the team who gave us Planet Earth and Blue Planet, somehow raises the bar.

…wrap your duvet around a penguin…

With impeccably beautiful cinematography, shot from within the planet’s most barren and treacherous landscapes; the polar regions, every week we have been invited to experience the life-cycle and daily struggles of an eclectic range of animals who all dwell in these regions. One of the most insightful documentaries in years, its report on the hardships of some of the most stubborn creatures makes you want to reach into the television and wrap your duvet around a penguin.

Yinka returned this week, this time with the Top 5 Singing Actors. It is an abundant list of some of the most talented singers in the music industry who have broken into film and made a pretty good go of it. At MouthLondon we are still gobsmacked and confused as to why Yinka omitted the legendary 50 Cent after all he has given to both industries, so I guess we can only assume that there will be a feature length article on the undisputed king of rap next week.*

…the perfect mix of all-out action mixed with gritty drama…

James bond will be returning soon and although 50 Cent will no longer be playing Q, it still looks like it is going to be a great instalment as Jose Ugarte reported in his preview of the next in the series; Skyfall.

With Road to Perdition’s sam Mendes behind the lense and a list of stars including Ralph Fiennes and Javier Bardem supporting Daniel Craig, Skyfall, which looks to be focusing on M’s (Judi Dench) secret past, will also re-introduce Bond’s arch nemesis; Blofeld will hopefully deliver the perfect mix of all-out action mixed with gritty drama which Craig’s first attempt; casino Royale, more than hinted at.

…this month’s biggest upcoming parties…

To wind down we gave you the second part of Ben Rider’s Gus Van Sant profile which explored the director’s toe-dip into mainstream water with Good Will Hunting and then return to more familiar ‘art-house’ material with the harrowing, yet ground-breaking Elephant.

Lastly, with December now upon us we gave you a little taster of one of this month’s biggest upcoming parties. Tribe will be introducing some of the biggest artists from Never Say Die Records and Circus Records for a night of dub-step mayhem. Foreign Beggars and Flux Pavillion will be there so make sure you are too.

…what watching Frozen Planet would be like on an acid trip…

Next week we will be getting into the Christmas spirit with Dilhara Attygalle’s review of Everybody’s Fine and we will also be letting you know what watching Frozen Planet would be like on an acid trip as David Cook reviews Happy Feet Two.

Yinka is still in the singing mood so will be presenting the Top 5 Bond Theme Tunes on Tuesday and we’ve heard rumours that 50 Cent is to duet with Tina Turner for the Skyfall theme.**

There will also be another great event preview next week and much, much more, so make sure to come and see us again next week at MouthLondon.

*There will not be.

**He’s not.


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