It has been an exciting week here at MouthLondon and under the Media umbrella we’ve had musical mystery, time travel in Paris, modern day outlaws and half of Brad Pitt (he’s too lovely to squeeze into one week).

We kicked off by bringing you previews of upcoming cinema releases from Director’s including David Cronenberg, Timur Bekmambetov, and Clint Eastwood. After they have graced the silver screen, there is sure to be talk of awards for some, especially Clint Eastwood and his biopic of J. Edgar Hoover (played by Leonardo Di Caprio).

If its worth talking about, it will be here at Mouth.

The man who once had no name is getting quite comfortable with the little shiny gold chap so we’re thinking someone may as well roll him up in the red carpet at the end of each ceremony and just fire him out again when the Oscar buzz starts to simmer.

Charlotte Gainsbourg is also soaking up the attention; she featured twice here this week and for two different reasons. She displays another spellbinding performance in Lars Von Trier’s Melancholia and Ben Rider looked at how she first stepped into the limelight via the music scene. With Serge Gainsbourg for a father and having the talent to collaborate with Beck and Air, there’s little surprise she is becoming a household name.

There’s a new independent film hitting the big screen…

There’s a new independent film hitting the big screen at the moment: Just Do It: A Tale of Modern Day Outlaws. Documenting the struggles of our countries activists, the film is causing quite a fuss and for all the right reasons. Our very own Bianca Newman interviewed the director, Emily James to find out about her guerrilla filmmaking experience.

No week is complete without the obligatory ‘Top 5’ and this time it was Brad Pitt and his era defining performances.  As previously mentioned, the once demi-god was too explosive to cram into one week, so Yinka Olumomi will be concluding her countdown on Wednesday. Be sure to give us your own opinion of when you think Brad has been at his best (or worst).

It now couldn’t be easier to check out the latest news, views and reviews.

Also next week we will be bringing you a review of Pedro Almodóvar’s The Skin I Live in (which you can still catch in cinema’s across the capital) and an article on the growing culture of busking.

If you have not noticed already, starting from this week MouthLondon has adopted a new ‘regular features’ theme: It now couldn’t be easier to check out the latest news, views and reviews. If you’re looking to catch a film before anyone else on its Friday release, come to MouthLondon on a Thursday where we will tell you which films are a must see. If you feel like you may have missed out on the weekend’s fun, we will cheer you up on Monday morning by explaining why your friends are nursing hangovers with our event and gig reviews. So that you don’t miss out on the next weekend’s fun, pay us a visit on Friday’s and find out where the best party will be. If its worth talking about, it will be here at Mouth.


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