What should you look out for at this year’s London Korean Film Festival? Is Lars Von Trier’s new offering any good? What are the top 5 Michael Mann films? Will George Clooney ever be President? What is the meaning of life? Most of these questions were answered at MouthLondon this week as well as much more news and views on the Media world.

The London Korean Film Festival is now under way and running until 17 November, this year’s festival is jam-packed with premier screenings, master classes and Q & A sessions with some of Korean cinema’s hottest directors. If you haven’t checked it out yet, get involved and experience some of the best Asian cinema has to offer.

…Melancholia is dark and brooding yet visually stunning…

Melancholia; Lars von Trier’s new offering starring Charlotte Gainsbourg and Kirsten Dunst is similar in style to his previous film, Antichrist which also starred Gainsbourg. A micro-drama focusing on just a few characters on the eve of a potential apocalyptic scenario, Melancholia is dark and brooding yet visually stunning with enigmatic performances from the entire cast.

This week we had the first part of Yinka Olumomi’s Top 5 Michael Mann films which included Collateral and Miami Vice. The last three will be revealed next Tuesday so start racking your brains (or IMDB!) and let us know which Mann films you think are better than the rest.

… if you haven’t built up the courage yet I can safely assure you [Paranormal Activity 3] is absolutely terrifying.

Paranormal Activity 3 is on still in cinemas and Luke Testro told us what to expect from the latest instalment of the horror franchise. I forced myself to go and watch it on the big screen and if you haven’t built up the courage yet I can safely assure you it is absolutely terrifying.

To round up the week we treated you to a new album launch report on Justice, as they performed an unforgettable underground show to an audience of a few hundred which David Cook went along to.

…next week Chloe McClaren will give us her thoughts on the new Gervais/Merchant sitcom, Life’s Too Short…

As well as the second part of the Top 5 Michael Mann films, next week Chloe McClaren will give us her thoughts on the new Gervais/Merchant sitcom, Life’s Too Short, starring Warwick Davis plus a host of cameo performances from the likes of Johnny Depp and Liam Neeson. There will also be a review of the film that everyone is talking about; Drive, which stars Ryan Gosling who is already being compared to the once great De Niro and his signature performance of Travis Bickle.

All of this and more, so be sure to pay us a visit next week here at MouthLondon.


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