Everyone is obsessed with time travel. Perhaps it’s to do with rewriting our own history, erasing those awkward moments or just abusing the power of time. Whatever it is the film industry likes to revisit this theme regularly.

x-men-days-of-future-past-trailer-tease-1The recent blockbuster Xmen: Days of Future Past plays with the idea that everything we do has consequences. The villain Mystique murders an anti-mutant scientist in the 60’s, which means that in the 2020’s the mutant hunting robots he was working on were green lit and have almost wiped out all mutants on the planet.

The newly released Edge of Tomorrow is groundhog ay with robotic invaders and Tom Cruise. As an unwilling participant in the war he inadvertently realises that every time he dies he returns to the morning of that day. He sets out to stop the war and save the woman he eventually falls in love with by reliving the same day and countless deaths.

…It’s human nature to want to change things for the better…

Although time travel is always featured every year at the box office, most people still cling onto the oldies like Back to the Future, Groundhog day and even The Time Machine. It’s human nature to want to change things for the better and a dream of controlling time is one we all do have (don’t think you haven’t thought about it).


Check out these awesome stats and this infographic about film makers who love time travel:

The favourite time travel related series/film is ‘Back to the future’ with 22.25% of the vote, closely followed by ‘Dr Who’ (20.4%)

With 33.65% of the vote, The Tardis form Dr Who is the UK’s favourite form of time travel. Second favourite was Delorian from Back to the future (29.2%) followed by the Time Turner used in the third Harry Potter film (10.5%)

The majority (28.9%) of respondents thought that Dr Who would make the best time travel companion. Hermione Granger was the next most popular (12.5%) closely followed by Star Trek’s Spock (12.2%)

44.15% of Sci-Fi fans believe that Time Travel is not possible and won’t be in the future

Unlike popular cult movies, Star Wars has never featured time travel. Our results show that 47.45% of Sci-Fi fans do not think that it should be added into the storyline of the upcoming Star Wars 7 film. 32.1% said that they ‘don’t know’ and 20.45% thought that it should be added into the storyline

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