Right now I feel like I’ve been waiting my whole life to write this particular review. It is not that Titanic is my favourite film, never really been a huge fan of James Cameron, but as the end credits rolled up the screen to the sound of people clapping in awe, I’ve realized the impact this film has had on its audience, now as well as back then in 1997. To me it is just a point that helps me understand what a difference 15 years make in one’s life.

My memories of the first time I’ve seen Titanic are vague, yet deeply engraved in my childhood reminisces – a crying mother, a sinking ship, Rose getting out of that car in the most glamorous way possible and a song that all my classmates were desperately trying to reproduce, failing epically. I have seen it again over the years but not once like this time. Watching a film (even for the millionth time) in Cinema still has an incredible charm and even if you know the story it will make a sensitive soul shed some tears. Here is my take on Titanic 3D, 15 years later, seen through the eyes of a film student.

…you’d still wish Jack could’ve gotten up on that door and live happily ever after with Rose…

At a first thought it may look like this is just another attempt of the studios to make more money out of an old flick just to mark the anniversary of 100 years since the legendary ship sunk on the bottom of the Atlantic. But if you give it a go and watch it, this whole idea vanishes and you are automatically transported 15 years earlier and try your hardest to see it the way you did then. Only now you simply can’t. The fact that it is shot in a studio is obvious as daylight, Kate and Leo don’t look anything like that any more, the class issue is incredibly irritating – but probably one thing stays the same: even now, you’d still wish Jack could’ve gotten up on that door and live happily ever after with Rose. But he still doesn’t. (Even writing about this makes me teary)

What I’d like to point out is how amazing actors they have become. I can’t believe how this young man that DiCaprio has managed in 15 years to bring such incredible performances as J. Edgar Hoover (J. Edgar, 2011), Teddy Daniels (Shutter Island, 2010), or Frank Wheeler (Revolutionary Road, 2008) just to name a few. He has grown out of his role as Jack Dawson and proved that he is more than just a pretty face. As for Kate Winslet, well, she just keeps getting better and better, and there is no doubt of how she will always be one of the best actresses of her generation.

…the people all ooze that long lost glamour…

Another detail that I’ve now noticed was the aesthetic of Titanic. Set at the beginning of the 20th century, the costumes, the people all ooze that long lost glamour. All the Art Nouveau details like her hair clip, the hair styles, just like those of Alphonse Mucha’s muses, the entire interior design of the first class decks of Titanic – give the film a specific delight for an art lover.

Releasing it in 3D doesn’t make much of a difference to me to be honest. However, it does make certain scenes a lot more striking. It does in a way put you right in the middle of the action and at one point you might even dare to ask for a life vest too. Was it worth it to trivialize a ‘90’s classic and bring it in this age of brutal CGI? Maybe yes maybe not. I’d say yes, because this is how they’ve brought it back to the masses’ attention. Because even though it is a relatively old film, the latest flicks sort of lack the most important detail Titanic has: the eternal love story of Jack and Rose. Even Avatar failed to impress in this matter, I’m afraid. Their story will last in our recollections more than the story of Titanic itself; for we’re always wish they could end up together and that their story shall last more than 2 days.

Wrapping up: Titanic 3D is a 2012 version of our 15 years old memories, brought back as if it has just debuted, a film which has clearly become a classic and will never lose its magic, no matter how old and rational we get.

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