London based three piece Tomokiyo seem talented enough in their own right. They have been dubbed the UK’s answer to Kings of Leon, high praise indeed. There’s no doubting the similarity of vocalist and bassist Dan’s tone of voice, Tomokiyo’s riff patterns and the sound of the band in general to that of the Followill clan. Whether this is an entirely good thing is another question altogether. Some may argue that the realm of the more traditional indie rock band was the preserve of the last decade. And that the here and now belongs to a more imaginative, unconventional breed of musicians.

…they all seem relaxed enough about where they are going…

However talented Tomokiyo may be technically speaking, only time will tell whether they have the imagination and originality to bring them greater success. Having said that, they all seem relaxed enough about where they are going, and that sort of attitude oft seems to breed creativity.

3 stars.

Images courtesy of Tomokiyo

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