As film lovers, we want film makers to be interesting, new and innovative, but when those who make the big decisions find something that works (no matter how annoying) they usually keep using it until the idea is well and truly dead.

Here are my Top 5 annoying film traits.


5. 3D Films

This debate has been around for a while, and although it produces a ridiculous amount of money, I still don’t see the appeal of 3D films. Besides a few films that are made only for 3D, there isn’t really anything it can add to films as a whole, only those in a specific genre with weak scripts.


4. Dance Films

During the 80s there were classics like Flashdance and Fame that still have legions of loyal fans today. However in 2001 Save the Last Dance set the bar for a new type of dance film, it’s just a shame that after this film, they became less focused on the story, and more so on the dance routine. Now there seems to be a street dance film released every year, with a predictable plot that always leads to a dance battle, or final performance of some sort. What makes it worse is they are now mixing two of my pet peeves with films like Step Up 3D, and StreetDance 3D.


3. Comic Book Adaptations

I have always enjoyed comic book adaptations, from Tim Burton’s take on Batman to the first X-Men and Spider-Man films that helped make way for the tidal wave of comic book films to come. Over the last 10 years these films have gradually lost their novelty, although I’m sure fans of these films would disagree. With the recent release of Avengers Assemble, I did not feel the excitement that I once would have with previous comic book films.


2. Remakes

With the exception of a few films, including Casino Royale in 2006 and Invasion of the Body Snatchers in 1978, remakes have a reputation for not fairing to well. However the only thing that does seem to work is rebooting an idea altogether, like Chris Nolan did with the Batman series, but unless there is a certain intention not to simply rehash old ideas, I definitely think, some films should just be left alone.


1. Female Leads

Besides Angelina Jolie in Salt and Uma Thurman in Kill Bill women are rarely seen to front and centre in a heroic action role, or in a blockbuster film. Yes, actresses like Carey Mulligan and Michelle Williams, are doing well at the moment, but who are the female equivalents to Brad Pitt, Will Smith or Tom Cruise? Films like Men in Black, and Transformers both have women in the background, or on the side-lines, and it would be interesting to see if these big budget films could be as successful if they had females leads. Well the only way to find out is for someone to take a chance, but for now the lack of female lead roles is uninspiring yet expected.

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