With Skyfall just around the corner, what better way to celebrate 50 years of Bond then with a top 5 underrated villains of the spy saga.


Necros (Andreas Wisniewski)

Every new Bond actor has to prove himself to an audience that love the character and universe that Bond exists in. When Dalton took the helm, his films were supposed to be more gritty, violent and dark (much like the approach Daniel Craigs stint has had). With a cold war splash The Living Daylights introduced a villain that was cold and humourless. Strong, blonde and blue eyed, Necros causes havoc through the film killing countless of Bonds fellow agents before getting his comeuppance by falling to his death from a cargo plane.

Interesting memorable moments: Exploding milk bottles, crushing enemy agents in automatic doors, strangling people and listening to the same pop track to let us know he was approaching.



Cigar Girl (Maria Grazia Cucinotta)

From one of the longest and most spectacular opening sequences in a Bond film, next on our list is the aptly named Cigar Girl. Having stopped Bond in Spain from getting information about ransom money connected to the King family, Cigar Girl waits until a bomb is detonated within MI6 before leading a violent and explosive chase through London on the Thames.

Interesting memorable moments: Using throwing knives, Machine guns and grenade launchers to try and stop Bonds mission, blowing herself up in a hot air balloon.



Naomi (Caroline Munro)

The sexy assistant of shipping magnate Karl Stromberg who is sent to dispatch Bond and fellow Russian agent Anya Amasova, after meeting them in the underwater city Atlantis. Chasing down Bonds Lotus Esprit in a machine gun toting helicopter, Naomi believes she has completed her mission when the car dives into the water off a cliff. Unknown to Naomi the car is fitted to work underwater and she is killed by a surface-to-air missile from the submerged Lotus Esprit.

Interesting memorable moments: Naomi’s seduction continues throughout the car/helicopter chase, the helicopter being destroyed by the underwater car (interestingly this is the only female death 007 has ever caused without regret and on purpose).



Mr Wint & Mr Kidd (Bruce Glover & Putter Smith)

An interesting if not strange duo, these homosexual lovers cause mayhem by killing everyone who is involved with Blofelds plans. They easily dispatch the various folk involved in the diamond smuggling operations and even capture Bond at one point.

Having stopped Blofeld and his plans to threaten the world with a giant laser satellite, Bond and Tiffany Case are relaxing on a cruise when the comical duo try to do them in with a bomb. Bond catches on quick after smelling the perfume Wint wears. Kidd is burned alive and Wint gets a bomb between his legs and tossed into the sea.

Interesting memorable moments: Murdering a dentist with a scorpion then holding hands, comical quips at the expense of their victims, hiding a bomb in a dessert and wearing strong smelling perfume.



Kamal Khan (Louis Jourdan)

Easily one of the best Bond villains, Kamal Khan not only was involved in jewel smuggling, but plans to receive Russian jewels in exchange for orchestrating a nuclear accident which will lead to world war 3 and Russian victory.

Softly spoken, evil and devious, Khan has some of the best lines in the Bond franchise and after escaping Bond and Octopussy’s forces crashes his private plane into a mountain.

Interesting memorable moments: Betting with loaded dice, hunting people in the jungles on top of an elephant, eating a goats eye and the way he says Octopussy.



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