He is incredibly talented, has a fresh nomination for the Academy Awards, he is intelligent, he can speak French fluently, he doesn’t drink, he can cook and of course he looks like a million dollar man – Bradley Cooper, to me is one of the true revelations of the past decade.

He even though has become largely famous after the role in the notorious Hangover (2009), Cooper was anything but a pretty, fresh face or a mediocre actor. After completing the Actors’ Studio program in New York City, he has constantly received offers to play in films, his first role being a minor one in Sex and the City playing along Sarah Jessica Parker. Coming from an Italian mother-Irish father family, Cooper has remained a humble, modest person on his road to stardom. After more than a decade in the film industry I can easily list some of his best films, so here it is: Bradley Cooper’s top 5 films.


Silver Linings Playbook

The revelation of this season, has collected numerous award nominations, including an Oscar nomination for Best Actor for Bradley Cooper’s emotional performance as Pat a bipolar man who has been traumatized by the way his relationship ended with his wife after finding her with another man. His anger, his emotions, his determination to win his wife back lead him to find a girl just like him. It is wonderful to watch him become this ordinary, obsessed person and how he just loses himself in the character. What is even more enjoyable is watching cooper achieving his dream of working with his all-time hero, Robert DeNiro once again, to see how freely he can call him father and how he looks up to him even through the eyes of his character. I reckon he definitely deserves his wonderful nominations.




The Words

This film didn’t receive all the attention it should’ve gotten, but it is indeed one of the best films of 2012, in my opinion. With 3 stories based on the truth of being a writer, The Words is nothing like I’ve ever seen before. Cooper plays one of the protagonists, Rory Jansen an aspiring writer who has a really hard time getting his breakthrough with his own novel. However life throws in his hands an already-written novel that has never seen the light of a publishing house. With no intention of going through with it, he types the whole novel down and after finding it accidentally his wife (the wonderful Zoë Saldana) pushes him to show it to someone. He won’t disclose his secret and take the novel as being his own. The most jaw-dropping part of the film is when he meets with the true author of the novel and has to carry on his life living with a deep sense of guilt.





I remember I went to see Limitless in the cinema a good few times. Even though it might be that kind of film that people would say that it is only “alright” I found it extremely fascinating. Cooper carries the film on his shoulders as Eddie Morra, again a mediocre writer who finds his inspiration through a magic drug that allows him to use most of his brain. This was the first time Cooper played along DeNiro and it was the first time, the audience could see the magnetism between them and how much can a hero influence the novice’s performance.




He’s Just Not That Into You

Even though he has an episodic part in this, it is one of the “bad guys” role Cooper played on the big screen. The first one was in Wedding Crashers when he decided he wants for once to abandon the nice, pretty-boy sort of roles and try and compromise his image by playing some less nicer characters. In He’s Just Not That Into You he is Ben – a shallow, cheating, lying husband. Need I say more?




The Hangover

The cherry on top, the legendary comedy in which he stars along Ed Helms, Justin Bartha, Zach Galifianakis, Ken Jeung and let’s not forget to mention Mike Tyson, has brought Bradley Cooper to the attention of the public. Even though many people might say that is an average comedy, I reckon is a good step away from the common Judd Apatow, Adam Sandler kind of comedies (rarely funny) that won’t seem to stop coming in the past few years. One of my favourite quotes from Cooper on his role and the comedy aspect in The Hangover:

“Three guys who really appreciate the realistic approach to comedy. Taking characters that are idiosyncratic, putting them in outrageous situations and then play the truth of that moment. And if you play the truth of that moment, comedy will emerge.” (Bradley Cooper during his interview at Inside the Actors’ Studio)



Bradley Cooper is one of those actors who start shyly but keep getting better and better, role after role. The trailer of Beyond the Pines that will arrive in cinemas this year, states that this is Cooper’s best performance to date. If he hasn’t convinced us how good he is in Silver Linings Playbook, then he will definitely prove himself of an Oscar-nomination worthy actor in the years to come.




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