Everyone likes a bit of controversy. When a film is slated before release it usually means that it’s upset someone, but that just means more people will go and see it.

So here is out top 5 controversial films for you to see, tick off and feel sick about.


I spit on your grave

A simple story of gang rape and revenge that sees Camille Keaton disturbingly assaulted and then go on a path of violence (hanging, castrating, axing and disembowelling her assailants).

The film was banned in many parts of Europe and was remade in 2010. The original is still as frightening as it was in the 70’s and really hits home the idea of “Hell has no fury like a woman scorned”.



Last Tango in Paris

A contender for the worst use of dairy products in cinema history, Last Tango in Paris caused so much anger that the director, Bernardo Bertolucci, was jailed for four months for his unedited version of the film.

Banned in various countries for up to 30 years and all for the misuse of butter!  




Kids caused so much controversy during the naughties because of its subject matter. The male lead infects girls in his friendship group knowingly with HIV as he enjoys unprotected sex.

Showing the harsh realities that much of the public wanted to keep behind closed doors and shrug off as rumours, Kids opened up a firestorm of controversy towards its director towards the exploiting of children to an incredibly serious subject.




Genital mutilation, drilling holes in body parts, asphyxiation and burning your wife to death. It’s hard to see how this could upset anyone?

Like any good controversial film this caused audience goers to faint, the media to question if it was a real film or torture porn and even whether the movie should have been released at all.



Salo (The 120 days of Sodom)

Tip of our list is this interesting piece of cinema that depicts several disturbing scenes inspired by Dantes Inferno. Focussing on the horrifying acts of four corrupt fascist libertines who kidnap eighteen teenage boys and girls and go on to molest, rape, sodomize and feed them faeces.

A harrowing and shocking film, Salo was banned in several countries and its director Pier Paolo Pasolini was murdered soon after its release.



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