Despite the amount of original films Hollywood studios produce, sometimes executives reach towards popular TV series and their fan-bases in search of box-office successes. As a result they ensure audience attendance and an abundance of storylines from those already produced for television. However, since this has become a common practice, here’s a list of TV shows that were transferred to the big screen.

The Simpsons Movie

Everybody knows the animated television series mocking the American middle-class in the face of the Simpson family. Since its start in 1989 The Simpsons has become the longest-airing sitcom, gaining fans through the many cultural affairs it makes. A film based on the television programme was released in 2007, featuring all the regular cast members. Following the pattern and characters of the series, it was a critical and financial success. It was also nominated and received a number of awards, including Best Comedy Film at the British Comedy Awards and Best Movie at the UK Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards.



The Addams Family

The Addams Family (1991) and its sequel The Addams Family Values (1993) are based on the original comic strip by Charles Addams and also on the animated series from the 70s that preceded them. These present plots using the vast backgrounds of each character in the creepy but funny family. The first film became one of the highest-grossing films of its year. However, responses to its sequel were mixed. Nevertheless, both films built on and continued the influence of this massive pop-culture phenomenon.



Twin Peaks

David Lynch’s mystery TV series Twin Peaks became a huge pop-culture phenomenon as its initial two-hour pilot episode was the highest-rated TV film for the 1989-1999 season. The series’ music theme and the conspiracy around Laura Palmer’s murder further built the craze around the Twin Peaks universe. As the series finished the production of the feature film – Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me was announced. The film included events that took place both before and after the storyline of the series and did not include regular stars Lara Flynn Boyle (replaced by Moira Kelly), Richard Beymer and Sherilyn Fenn.




The X-Files spawned yet another massive fan-base and two films: The X-Files (1998) and The X-Files: I Want to Believe (2008). Both of them feature the regular stars of the show David Duchovny and Gillian  Anderson as Fox Mulder and Dr. Dana Scully. Although the first film includes all the series regulars it was written and shot so as not to require the viewer’s previous knowledge about the series. It was not successful in the US but did quite well internationally. The release of the second film in 2008 was overshadowed by the release of The Dark Knight, the second film of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy.



Sex and the City

HBO’s Sex and the City started airing in 1998 giving women around the world a group of characters they could relate to and an endless supply of fashion ideas. The television series based on the book by Candace Bushnell was followed by two films. The first one was released in 2008 and featured all four lead actresses, along with other regulars of the show. Then in 2010 there was a second film – Sex and the City 2, which received seven nominations at the 31st Golden Raspberry Awards. It won three of these.



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