We have already discussed the food fixations some filmmakers and actors introduce in their characters’ habits revealing their inner world to the audience. Apparently, these can cause some uncanny situations and therefore memorable film moments.

However, this doesn’t include all food moments in film history. The abundance of such moments offers a variety of situations, which often have humorous and memorable results. Have a look at a selection of some scenes.


Julie/Julia – The Stuffed Chicken Melt-down (also aspics, eating an egg, etc)

Intercutting the stories of two women, this delicious film not only features Meryl Streep and Amy Adams’ brilliant acting skills but also includes some very funny food moments. Julie (Adams) is hoping to recreate all the recipes from Julia Child’s (Streep) legendary cookbook in one year. However, she can’t even begin to imagine what an ordeal that would be. Some of the film’s funny food moments include aspics, which are leaky rather than bouncy, poaching an egg that goes a bit disgusting, cutting endless amounts of onion and eating blocks and blocks of butter. The difference between the two women is that while Julia carries out even the hardest tasks with determination, Julie allows for several melt-downs. after the minor melt-down over the aspic failure, Julie crashes and starts questioning her dedication to the blog over a stuffed chicken she drops on the floor. Luckily, while she is crying over her inability to truss a chicken, she gets an unexpected call.



When Harry Met Sally – The Diner Scenes

If we have to be precise there are two diner scenes in this film. The first one is on the very first night the two characters meet. They discuss what seems to be Sally’s (Meg Ryan) motto in life – everything with her (food included) must be ‘on the side’ while Harry (Billy Crystal) concludes that this reveals the lack of good sex in her life. The second one is a lot later and takes place in New York. The topic of conversation is women faking their climax without men’s knowledge. Harry’s disbelief causes for Sally to demonstrate a fake orgasm in the middle of the diner, oblivious of the rest of the patrons. The result is an old lady asking for the same thing Sally is having and one of the most famous food moments in film.



Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom –  Pankot Palace Dinner

Spielberg’s films about the archeologist-turned-adventurer not only assimilate history for the purpose of recreating Indiana Jones’ amazing adventures but also gives ideas for some hilariously disgusting new meals. In The Temple of Doom Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford) attends a strange dinner in Pankot Palace while investigating the disappearances of the children from a little village. The feast features gourmet masterpieces such as large bugs, soup of eyes, a huge snake stuffed with more snakes and frozen monkey brains for desert. However, this proves a little bit too exotic for Indie, his sidekick Short Round and singer Willie (Kate Capshaw), which is why Indie pays a late-night visit to Willie bringing fruit. Thankfully, this scene leads to the discovery of the Temple of Doom.



Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs -The Food Storm

This animated film is not just a film about food. It is about a rather unconventional way of making it. Flint Lockwood (Bill Hader) is a young scientist living on a tiny island beneath the letter ‘A’ in the Atlantic Ocean sign on any map, where sardines are the only thing people eat. As a result, he invents a machine that makes food from the clouds, which then rains upon the people on the island. Not only does this make them incredibly obese but once the machine overloads, the food mutates and attempts to take over and eat the inhabitants of the island. The machine’s overload causes for some funny moments towards the end of the film where a a man is swallowed by a walking roast chicken, a huge spaghetti and meatballs tornado threatens the town, and an All You Can Eat Buffet storm threatens to destroy the town.



Marie Antoinette – ‘I Want Candy’

Everybody has heard of this 18th century legendary queen of France. Sofia Coppola’s film traces Marie Antoinette’s journey from Austria (where she was born) to the palaces of France. The director recreates the queen’s glamorous lifestyle through every possible means in the film, starting from the architectural environment to the portrayal of women’s wardrobe at the time, hair-dress included. Halfway through the film a long montage sequence shows the transformation Marie Antoinette (portrayed by Kirsten Dunst) undergoes when becoming queen. The shots comprising this short montage sequence include images of gorgeous gowns, cakes and sweets, the well-known massive hair-dos (very much resembling the cakes) and pairs of shoes, packed like candy. Cut to the sound of Kevin Shields’ remix of Bow Wow Wow’s ‘I Want Candy’ the film makes Marie Antnoinette’s lifestyle look like made of the colours of the sweets she and the rest of the women in her court devour.




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