The actor of the moment is definitely Ryan Gosling. It seemed like he was everywhere last year with the release of Drive, The Ides of March and Crazy, Stupid, Love. Gosling’s films are diverse and of such a high quality that he is already being compared to Hollywood greats. With a career going in an upwards trajectory, here are his top 5 films so far.


5. The Believer

It would have been easy for Gosling to begin his career with a simple romantic comedy, but instead he chose this controversial film where he plays a young neo-Nazi called Daniel Balint. Balint is a Jewish man who decides to become a fanatical neo-Nazi. Based on the life of a Daniel Burros, Balint is an extremely smart but unfortunately misguided man whose identity crisis and hatred for his ethnicity have serious consequences for himself and those around him.



4. Fracture

Starring alongside Anthony Hopkins Gosling stars as a young deputy district attorney Willy Beachum who is trying to find out the truth as to whether Ted Crawford (Anthony Hopkins) tried to kill his wife. This crime thriller is not perfect but Anthony Hopkins always delivers performance-wise no matter what and Gosling is definitely able to hold his own opposite the acting veteran.


3. The Notebook

Two people from different social classes fall in love, they break up, a length of time passes but will they make it back together? Sorry for anyone who hasn’t seen The Notebook but it is not the cliché storyline that makes this film great. The chemistry between Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams who plays Allie is definitely palpable and yes the film does reek of soppiness and sentimentality; however it does make the perfect Sunday afternoon film.


2. Blue Valentine

Taking a stark look at relationships, Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams play a young couple who fall in love. The film depicts how their relationship changes and deteriorates over time. Gosling plays Dean whose drinking and lack of ambition become a problem for his wife Cindy (Williams). The film’s minimal budget and simplicity makes it a great opportunity for an actor to really perform and Gosling makes it look like a walk in the park which is a testament to his ability.



1. Drive

Drive is one of those films that comes along and captures everyone’s attention, just as people thought that Hollywood was running low on good ideas and great scripts. Loved by audiences and critics alike Drive is set in LA; Gosling plays a stunt driver by day and a getaway driver by night. The film is stylish with a cool electro-pop soundtrack. Gosling’s minimal dialogue and nuanced acting is what made this film so good to watch. Some may feel the abrupt violence was gratuitous and others may feel it was art. But what the director (Nicolas Winding Refn) and Gosling were able to create was a neo-noir film that was reminiscent of many classic crime films from the 80s and 90s that had both style and substance. 



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