A few years ago I had the pleasure of meeting writer/actor/director Luke Matheny, as he was touring around his festival favourite film, God Of Love. It was a pleasure to spend what little time I got with the filmmaker, made only better when he won the Academy Award for best live-action short later that year. Fast-forward to today and Matheny is seeing the release of his first written feature film, A Birder’s Guide To Everything, directed by Rob Meyer and starring Ben Kingsley, it’s a commendable step to have taken over three years.


The film follows the story of three friends who believe that they have spotted an extinct duck in their local community. With the help of the local hottie at school, who happens to be an avid photographer, they go on a journey to prove the sighting and reap the rewards from their journey. However, complications arise when others around them want a piece of the ever-ludicrous action.

There is little to say at this point, other than what the trailer has offered. The film looks promising, the standard conventions of an indie coming-of-age drama seem to be hit (similarities to characters from The Kings Of Summer automatically sprang to mind), and with a runtime of only eighty-six minutes, it doesn’t look like a film that will bore.

…that there is a quirky film out, with enough laughs in it to hold my attention…

I’m excited for this film, and I hope to enjoy it. Is it because I met the writer? Perhaps. But the more likely case is that there is a quirky film out, with enough laughs in it to hold my attention.



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