It is quite hard to not know who Daniel Radcliffe is. Many know him as the boy who lived, the guy who stayed a night in a haunted house or the boy who screwed a horse. However you know him, it’s likely that putting him in any film will generate some sort of buzz about the project.

HornsHis recent film Horns is getting some of that treatment. Radcliffe plays a young man called Ignatius Perrish who, after waking up from a drink fuelled night out, finds that his girlfriend has been brutally raped and murdered. On top of this he has sprouted horns in his forehead and controls the power of hell. Not the best thing to happen when you’ve got a hangover.

Everyone in the town thinks that he is the main culprit and the embodiment of the devil, and so Ignatius heads off to learn the truth and find the killer.

…the trailer would cause more of a punch…

The novel has been well received and I am sure that Harry Potter fans will flock to see him in the role. The trailer doesn’t really give anything away about the plot and we only see Radcliffe and his horns in the final reveal. Perhaps had they shown a few money shots of the demonic powers growing in him then the trailer would cause more of a punch.

Personally I think the horny look isn’t that bad, but I don’t come from a primarily bible bashing community. We’ll just have to see if Radcliffe can pull the role off when the film gets released this Halloween.

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