When Sylvester Stallone first decided to re-launch his action career with The Expendables, most people were convinced that the ageing star had lost it. Jump on a few years and we are on to the third in the franchise.

In this outing Stallone and his crew save one of their old crew (played by Wesley Snipes) and then find themselves at the onslaught of an old friend turned villain played by Mel Gibson. He co-founded the original group but was supposedly killed when he turned to selling guns to very bad people. Now he’s back with an army and he wants the Expendables heads.



Throw in an ensemble cast of actions stars young and old (Harrison Ford, Antonio Banderas and Kelsey Grammer) and the finished project is a film that looks exciting, but like its predecessors, may lack in the story department.

However, what do you expect form a Hollywood action blockbuster with action stars from the last 20 years? From the looks of the trailer we can expect in jokes, amazing stunts and lots (and we mean lots) of high octane violence. With the inclusion of veteran Schwarzenegger (Stallone’s real life competition) it will be fun to see how the film pans out. Personally the Austrian muscle man wasn’t used in the previous film enough, but his scenes were pure gold.

So if you’re still not convinced then let Terry Crews try! I mean would you really mess with him? He could break you in two.


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