The prompt of ideas for Animated films looks like to be bottomless. This time it is the turn of an unusual gang of rodents’ bandits in a new CGI adventure called The Nut Job.


From the trailer, the plot appears to be simple. A naughty city park squirrel, named Surly, is outcasted from the park he lives in after a failed robbery at a nuts kiosk, which caused the loss of all the food supplies that the animals of the park were storing for the wintertime. The squirrel, along with a team of other rodents, including his faithful rat friend Buddy, a mole, and some others, tries to solve the problem by planning an outrageous nut store heist. Clearly the operation turns out to be much more tricky than what he expected and Sully and his friends will unwittingly get stuck in a human bank robbery.

The first images of the movie promise a funny and bizarre mixture of bright characters, comic situations, and thorny plans involving daring rescues, tactical strategies, and binges of nuts. A voice cast of excellence featuring Will Arnett, Brendan Fraser, Katherine Heigl, Liam Neeson and Maya Rudolph completes this explosive combination, which I’m quite confident won’t disappoint the audience. The premises are all in there: a group of edging small mammals heroes captained by a mischievous and cleaver squirrel, a massive theft of nuts, a bunch of classic villains and a hilarious and appealing storytelling style. These are good ingredients of an ensured entertainment for kids and adults.

Warner Bros will release the film nationwide on the first of August hence we can only look forward to knowing where the mission of Surly and mates will lead us to.



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