What is there to say about the new trailer for 300: Rise Of An Empire? Well, several things, but not many of them will be all that productive, as this is exactly the sort of film that audiences go into knowing exactly what to expect: blood, guts, a sense of glory, and some masterful abs. And that’s it. But, nonetheless, I will give this my best shot.

300 the sequel picks up from the point where the original left off, to the point where we see Gerard Butler (shut up Butt-wad) dead on the floor, as Xerxes, the villain, stands above him. From then on, it is up to Themistocles, here played by Sullivan Stapleton, to stop the mortal-turned-God from overpowering the Greek empire. And, with regards to plot, that’s it. Literally, that is it.

I can’t imagine there will be many characters developing throughout the plot, and I do not expect there to be many “well…I didn’t see that coming” moments, either. I genuinely think that this will be a fun romp of action, for an audience that wants nothing more than to look at blood explode onto the screen.

And there it is: everything that is good to be said about the new 300 film has been said, apart from the fact that it is not called 301; something that we should all be thankful for!



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